Mining With Responsibility

What This means for Osino

Mining is a high-impact activity that calls for diligent and thoughtful management, and from its inception, Osino has set itself high standards for responsible exploration and mining. The Company’s vision is to become Namibia’s most respected and responsible gold mining company.

We strive to drive positive change for people, communities and the environment where practically and financially possible. This ambition is reflected in our purpose – to discover and develop gold projects in Namibia that build value for all stakeholders – and is underpinned by our company values and our strategic sustainability framework below.

Our approach is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Sustainable Development Framework of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) and the Best Practice Guide for Mining in Namibia.

For us, responsible mining and sustainability means:

  1. Being a responsible and ethical corporate citizen
  2. Managing and minimising our risks and negative impacts on society and the environment
  3. Leveraging our resources and operational activities to protect, build and share stakeholder value


Our Sustainability Reports

Osino’s sustainability reports provide a comprehensive overview of the Company’s exploration-related responsibility performance and our sustainability plans for the Twin Hills Gold Project. The 2021 report was Osino’s first, which set a benchmark for our commitment to responsible mining. The 2022 report, our second, focused in more depth on our plans for the future mine. Our latest report, the 2023 Sustainability Report, provides a more summarised update on our performance, practices and plans.

All reports were prepared with reference to the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Metal and Mining Sustainability Accounting Standard.

Two-page report summaries are available beneath the report links on the right.

View the presenation.

View two-page summary.

2022 Sustainability Report

View two-page summary.

2021 Sustainability Report

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The World Gold Council on how gold mining can contribute to sustainable development.

Read the 2023 Sustainability Report for more details.

“Responsible exploration and mining are central to our business strategy. They are an ethical requirement and the foundation of our ability to create value for shareholders and other stakeholders. As we grow, we are committed to continuing to raise the bar on our sustainable development efforts to build a responsible mine and expand our ability to be a force for good.” – Heye Daun, Osino’s Founder & CEO.

2022 Sustainability Report

View the two-page summary.

2021 Sustainability Report

View the two-page summary.

The World Gold Council on how gold mining can contribute to sustainable development.

The Twin Hills trust – prioritising local development

Osino established the Twin Hills Trust in 2021 to be the focal point of its efforts to make a positive contribution to social, economic and environmental development. The Trust is funded by Osino and key contractors and shareholders. Since its inception, the Trust has disbursed about N$3.6 million (C$264,000) to a range of projects, most of which are active in its host communities of Karibib and Omaruru.

The Trust’s objectives and funding focus areas are aligned with the Namibian government’s development priorities, and include initiatives that support community wellness and health, education, enterprise development, community infrastructure improvement, and environmental conservation and rehabilitation. It currently supports the work being done by respected Namibian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and in future may itself engage in direct development activities.

2023 Twin Hills Trust Report

Early childhood development (ECD) 

Through a partnership with Development Workshop Namibia (DWN), the Trust supports more than 24 ECD centres in Omaruru and Karibib, catering to over 800 children under the age of six. The centres are supported with educational materials, centre upgrades, teacher and parent training, and meals.

Bulk sewerage infrastructure

The Trust has supported the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) and the National Housing Action Group (NHAG), who work in partnership with the town council, to upgrade and install bulk sewerage infrastructure in the informal settlement of Usab in Karibib. This will eventually allow some 700 households to install flush toilets.

Low-Cost Serviced Plots

Namibia has an acute land provision and affordable housing crisis. Together with the Karibib Town Council, and supported by the Trust, DWN develops serviced land which is sold at less-than-cost to low-income earners in Karibib to purchase and build houses.

More information about these and other projects is available on the Twin Hills Trust website and in Osino’s Sustainability Reports. 

“We are extremely proud of the work being done through the initiatives the Twin Hills Trust supports. We take responsible corporate citizenship seriously and look forward to continue collaborating with our host communities to find ways to improve their quality of life.”– Heye Daun, Osino’s Founder & CEO.