Since January 2017, Osino has more than doubled its total tenement position.

Since January 2017, Osino has more than doubled its total tenement position by adding 6 new EPL’s (exclusive prospect licenses) to an existing portfolio of 7 licenses. Its total land-holding has increased from approximately 1,072km2 (107,200ha) to more than 4,835km2 (483,500ha) under license, either owned in the company’s own name, or contracted under earn-in. The company is engaged in advanced discussions with a number of license holders to secure an option to acquire another 6-10 licenses via earn-in or outright purchase, before the end of H1 2018, which will add another 900km2 (~90,000ha). In addition, the results of the regional target generation work are likely to add significantly to this, too.

One of the attractive aspects of minerals exploration in Namibia is easy access to an advanced and transparent system of administration of mining titles, coupled with competitive holding costs, good physical accessibility and a competent and efficient Geological Survey.

Major Project Areas

In order to reduce the geological risk inherent in greenfields exploration, Osino decided from the outset to focus on its more advanced projects and to secure a material portion of the prospective parts of the Namibian gold belt. The key project areas are:

  1. Goldkuppe & Extension Targets
  2. Karibib Regional Exploration
  3. Otjikoto East Exploration